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Keep your business running smoothly with reliable grease trap service and repair from Behle Inc. Our local plumbers are highly experienced and equipped to handle all your grease trap needs, ensuring optimal system performance and preventing costly emergencies.

The Importance of Regular Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease traps play a crucial role in commercial kitchens by capturing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from wastewater before it enters the sewer system.  Regular cleaning is vital to prevent clogs and overflows, which can lead to:

  • Environmental violations: Overflows can contaminate waterways and incur fines from regulatory agencies.
  • Health hazards: Overflowing grease can attract pests and create unsanitary conditions.
  • Property damage: Backups can flood basements and damage equipment.
  • Disruptions in business operations: Emergency grease trap cleaning and repairs can be costly and time-consuming.

Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

Be proactive and avoid these problems by recognizing the telltale signs that your grease trap requires cleaning:

  • Slow drains: Grease buildup can restrict wastewater flow, leading to slow drains in sinks and floor drains.
  • Foul odors: Grease traps emit a distinctive smell when FOG accumulates.
  • Frequent backups: Grease clogs can cause wastewater to back up into drains and fixtures.
  • Grease overflow: If left unchecked, a clogged grease trap can overflow, creating a messy and potentially hazardous situation.
  • Increased FOG levels: Regular monitoring of FOG levels within the trap can help you anticipate cleaning needs.

Behle Inc.: Your One-Stop Shop for Grease Trap Solutions

Grease Trap Cleaning & Removal: Our professional technicians utilize advanced equipment to efficiently remove grease waste and ensure your trap functions optimally.

Grease Trap Repair:  Even with regular cleaning, unexpected problems can arise.  Behle Inc. offers prompt repairs to get your system back online quickly.

Commercial Pit Cleaning:  We have the expertise to handle large-capacity commercial grease pits, ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance.

Restaurant Grease Trap Service:  Our team understands the unique needs of restaurants and offers tailored solutions to keep your kitchen grease system operating smoothly.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services:  Plumbing problems don't wait for convenient hours. Behle Inc. provides round-the-clock emergency services to address urgent grease trap issues.

Local Expertise, Statewide Service:  We are your Iowa grease trap cleaning company, serving Ames, Boone, Nevada, and the surrounding areas.  Our plumbers possess extensive experience in cleaning and repairing grease traps for both residential and commercial properties.

Beyond Grease Traps: Comprehensive Plumbing Services

Behle Inc. goes beyond grease trap service to offer a full range of plumbing solutions for your home or business, including:

If You Want the Best Plumbers, Contact Behle Inc. 

Don't wait until a grease trap problem disrupts your operations. Call Behle Inc. today at (515) 598-5279 or contact us online for fast, reliable service at competitive rates. With Behle Inc., you can rest assured that your grease trap and overall plumbing system are in good hands.

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